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Lavender Soap    
Lavender Soap   Lavender Soap  
Lavender (Lavender sp.) is an herb that almost everyone is familiar with.

Many types of lavender are hardy in my Maryland garden.  With a sweet soil you can grow large hedge-like plants with numerous flower spikes to collect for projects.

There many ways to use lavender.  It is well know for its stress relief effects but my favorite use is in the old fashioned craft of lavender wand making.  You'll need to pick your lavender before it is full-blown and only pick what you can use in a day.  Keep the spikes moist in a dampened towel while you are working.  Here is a wonderful link for instructions on how to make them  www.therapeuticoils.com/lavender_wand.html.   You'll end up with magical wands for your lingerie and hanky drawers -- and I'm sure you'll be calm and serene from an afternoon of working with this lovely, fragrant herb. 

Lavender has always been my second best selling bar. It contains saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, shea butter, castor oil and essential oil of lemongrass.  It is a silky, smooth, superfatted 4 oz bar with lots of creamy lather for your bathing pleasure.  

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