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Leslie's Garden Handcrafted Soap

Blackeyed Susans in Leslie's Garden, Summer 2003Summer Phlox in Leslie's Garden, Summer 2003Sunflower in Leslie's Garden, Summer 2003

Welcome to my garden, where in the midst of my herbs, a small cottage industry grows. Since 1994, near the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC, Leslie's Garden Handcrafted Soaps has quietly flourished, a reminder of a simpler time, when local crafts people provided for a community's needs.

At Leslie's Garden, handcrafted is synonymous with quality. Inspired by the gifts of the garden, small batches of premium handmade soap are carefully made from scratch, and kettle-stirred in the cold process tradition. Using 100% vegetable oils, olive, coconut and palm I create soap that feels soft and silky on the skin and  rinses clean.

Each 4 oz bar has extra oils and butters added to further enhance its skin care qualities. I typically use castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to create bars that are emollient and have a luxurious lather.


My soaps are full of glycerin. Glycerin, a natural by-product of the soapmaking process, is a humectant, a substance that draws moisture to the skin.

In an attempt to capture the sweet fragrances of my herb garden, I create original scent blends formulated from pure essential oils -- natural scents that are created by steam distillation of aromatic herbs, flowers and trees.

The elusive fragrance that lingers in my garden is the spirit of my herbs and flowers -- it is mysterious and leaves you sniffing for more. I try to capture that quality by creating essential oil blends that are pleasing and long-lasting but in no way overpowering. This is part of the magic found in Leslie's Garden Handmade Soaps.

A wide range of lovely soft tints -- golds, pinks, tans, blues and greens -- are achieved through the addition of cosmetic clays, oxides or traditionally healing herbs or grains.

My soaps are cut by hand, set aside for a curing period and then carefully wrapped in a simple paper sleeve. I only test on eager, willing human friends and family members.

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Updated 04/28/2014