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Leslie's Garden Handcrafted Soap
Life after Soapmaking -- Some Favorite Links for you to Enjoy pix of little flower


 My favorite piano tuner. He's been tuning and repairing pianos since 1983, is a member of the Piano Technician's Guild and can fix your piano right up so you won't embarrass yourself at your next sing-a-long. You can phone him at (301) 887-1983 or email him at Jonah Blaustein. In case you were wondering, his favorite soap is Green Man Bliss Bar!

 Andrea Hoag is a fabulous fiddle player, of all styles. Her CD, Fire & Water, is gorgeous. I listen to it over and over again -- so passionate. She teaches, too! Mandatory soap content -- she loves Tangerine Dream. . .

 Yes, it's true, I love them! Banjos, banjos, banjos.... Turtle Hill Banjo Company is where to find them. Whether you play old time or bluegrass, Dave Schenkman has a banjo for you.

 Ok -- now you've bought your new banjo from Turtlehill so whatayagonna do?! Take clawhammer banjo lessons from Brooke Parkhurst, of course. She's great with beginners and she can help spruce up a pro's technique, too. Email her about lessons or her solo gigs or see her perform with her group Tinsmith. Oh yeah, she likes Greenman Bliss Bar, too, and anything with a hint of vetivert. . .

And . . . you can start a banjo practice group.  Read all about our banjo adventures at www.oldtimebanjo.com

And when you get a chance go take a listen to my favorite old time band, the Reed Island Rounders.  Banjo player Diane Jones is an awesome banjo teacher. The band's fiddler Betty Vornbrock teaches fiddle, as well.  You can find them playing and teaching at many old time music workshops, such as Augusta in Elkins, WV and festivals..
Banjo Haiku  One of my favorite banjo cds is Banjo Haiku by the DC area's own Cathy Fink. Cathy is also part of the duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.  Check out their website for news of performances and recordings.

 If you had known Petey S. Beagle you would be a beagle fan, too. He was 18 when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him. There is absolutely nothing more "happy producing" then the wagging tail of a cheerful little beagle. BREW BEAGLES will tell you how to rescue your very own Snoopy dog.

We lost our beautiful cat Izzy, today. He was 16 but we had hoped he'd be with us much longer.  He was a tiny kitten when we found him; so tiny he had to be bottle-fed.  Petey, our beagle, took over mothering him and they were fast friends until Petey passed.  They are together now over the bridge.  We miss both of them.
Beautiful Tru  Tru joined the family on Jan. 4, 2003 and passed away on Dec 23, 2012. He was a throughbred mutt and we loved him and miss him. One of the funnest things Tru and I did was to attend the Coventry Dog Training School which uses positive training methods rather then "choke collar" methods. Besides fun, it is effective. You can find out more about it at Peaceable Paws and at Flying Dog Press, the site of Suzanne Clothier, author of BONES WOULD RAIN FROM THE SKY: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


Tru Tru had epilepsy and needed strong medications to control them.  Because of the meds, he had to have regular blood work to monitor the medication levels and make sure his liver was ok.  There is a lot to learn when your canine companion is epileptic but luckily there are some informative sites concerning canine epilepsy on the internet.  Please click on these links for more information: Canine Epilepsy Resources and Epi-Guardian Angels.
 I once saw a special on Public TV about this amazing Elephant Sanctuary. The story of the joyous reunion of two old circus elephants brought tears to my eyes. Remember, elephants never forget...

 The Northeast Herbal Association is an exciting organization dedicated to merging the ancient tradition of Herbalism with the needs and developments of the modern day Herbalist.

 As more and more of our woodlands and meadows are turned over to developers, our precious native plants are endangered. United Plant Savers is working hard to protect native plants.


 Riverdale Park is the town I live in. It's a great place to live! We have a little train station, a bookstore that has live music on Saturdays, a farmer's market and an historic mansion.

 The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless provides legal services to our neighbors without homes or at risk of loosing their homes. If you read John Grisham's "Street Lawyer" then you've read about the work they do. You won't go wrong if you remember them when you do your annual giving.

Melinda Byrd floormat Byrdcall Studio I met Melinda Byrd at the Maryland Wine Festival while I was vending my soap and she was helping a friend at his brewer's supplies booth. She browsed through my "How to Make Soap At Home" scrapbook and mentioned that some of the techniques reminded her of beer-making.  Intrigued, I purchased a beer-making set-up and thus began my adventures into the brewer's art and my acquaintanceship with Melinda. Over the years of running into Melinda at craft shows, where she vends her beautiful floormats and rugs, I found that we share a deep love of nature and dogs. I hope you'll click on her link and discover her lovely nature-inspired art.

  www.realhandmadesoap.com Learn about real handmade soap from scratch.

  Beelite Candles & Wax 100% Natural Beeswax Candles. Pillars, Tapers, Votives, Bulk Wax and more!

  Kathy's Braided Rugs is a small family owned business dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality braided rugs and accessories at a competitive price.

luxurious lather ~ silky touch ~ inspired by the gifts of the garden

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