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Leslie's Garden Handcrafted Soap

Leslie's Garden Soaps can be purchased by mail-order or at craftshows

To order by mail -- This is a manual form that you will need to print it out on your printer. On some browsers, if you click anywhere on the order form in bottom frame you may be able to choose print from your browser's tool bar and print the form out. If that doesn't work on your browser, just click on this link to print out the PDF 2014 Order Form.

Once printed, fill out the form and mail to Leslie's Garden with your check and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

If at all possible, please indicate on your order form which soaps you would be agreeable to substitute in case we are out of something that you have ordered. Thank you for choosing Leslie's Garden handmade soaps! 

A listing of all ingredients can be found by clicking on soaps

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