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Leslie's Garden Handmade Soap

"We've been your personal soapmaker for over a decade!"

Why Real Handmade Soap?

Hi, We have closed the soap shop for the time being. Have a wonderful spring in your garden. ~Leslie

You'll find that handmade soap is lusciously different because it is full of pure, natural glycerin. At Leslie's Garden, we work from scratch, in the cold process tradition. That way we can choose each premium vegetable oil and butter. You'll find shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and other top, food-quality oils in our soaps. In addition, each bar is superfatted for even more emolliecy. You can choose unscented or scented but, when we scent, we only use pure essential oils - steam distillates of aromatic plants. We use no preservatives and, of course, our soaps are tested only on willing family and friends.

Our soaps are well made. You won't find better. We are experienced soapmakers and our original formulas create hard, long lasting bars that lather well and rinse clean.

At Leslie's Garden, we have customers who have been with us from the beginning, choosing our soap over others. We would be proud to be your personal soapmaker, too.

luxurious lather ~ silky feel ~ inspired by the gifts of the garden ~ since 1994
Experience the real handmade difference!


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o It's just soap. What's all the fuss?

o Is your handmade soap natural?

o Which one should I try first?

o Will I like your soap?

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It's just soap --
what's all the fuss about?

We hoped you'd ask!  The major difference between our  handmade from scratch bars and commercial bars is the glycerin content. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process called saponification.  Commercial manufacturers remove it because it "gums" up the milling machines and because it is a valuable commodity that can be sold to the cosmetic and other industries.  Real handmade soapmakers do not remove the glycerin. Glycerin is a "humectant" which is a category of substances that attracts moisture. What this means to you is that soap with glycerin  moisturizes your skin. Soap without glycerin dries it out. Glycerin creates the lovely, silky feel that people typically associate with bars made from scratch. ~~BACK

Which one should I try first?

Good question -- it's hard to buy scents over the internet.  I can tell you that my scents are created with pure essential oils that I blend myself in an attempt to capture the soft, alluring fragrances of my garden.  A good way to start choosing a Leslie's Garden product is to start with what has proved most popular with our customers over the years.  Belize Bar and Lovingly Lavender have been our best sellers since 1994.  Two of our new scents, Lavender Mint and Goatsmilk & Rosewood, were top sellers in 2003. We predict that they will continue to be pleasing to our customers.  Other quick selling scents are Amour, Woodstock and Tangerine Dream. ~~BACK

  What's makes your
handmade soap natural?

We make our products  from  food quality vegetable oils.  We use olive oil, "the" classic skin-care oil, because  it produces a bar with rich lather.  We add coconut and palm oils to produce soap that  has big bubbles, is clean rinsing and lasts and lasts.  We add skin-loving oils like  castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to bring richness to the lather and to give you an emollient bar that will keep you coming back for more.   Rather then synthetic fragrances, we scent our bars with more costly pure, essential oils -- steam distillations of aromatic flowers, fruits, barks, grasses, and leaves.   Our natural tints come from the oils themselves or from herbs, spices or oxides.  Choose a "scrubby" texture or bars that are silky smooth. ~~BACK

Will I like your soap?

We hope you'll take a chance and find out for yourself.   A bar from Leslie's Garden is about the same price as a fancy cup of coffee and it lasts a whole lot longer.  Of course, we love our sudsy creations and it's all we use at home but we think it's mighty impressive that we get letters and emails from customers across the country after they've tried them.  They  tell us that they love the way their skin feels, the fragrances, the lather and/or how long the bar lasts.  Our customers like supporting a cottage industry and appreciate our label listing ingredients in words that are easily understood.  We hope that these qualities will make you a little bit curious about us. ~~BACK


"Your soaps are fabulous!" ~~Bridget E., IN


"I absolutely loved the Embraceable You, as it seems to soothe my dry skin..."~~Rebecca S., VA


"My daughter and I absolutely loved [Belize Bar] and for a 10 year old to love soap-that's saying something." ~~Tara S., VA


"...to the lady that has given me many fragrant moments, and I in turn have given your soaps to many of my friends." ~~Mary Louise S., MD


"Thanks again for your great soaps! You make my life a little better every time I wash."  Paul C., LA


"Just wanted to thank you again for inspiring me to create my own soaps...it was a fun class." ~~Sarah R., MD



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